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Mother Fox Thinks Men Are Keeping Her Cub And ‘Takes Off’

A mama fox looked on as a man tried to rescue her baby caught inside a drain pipe. Wildlife rescuers could hear the cub’s cries and were desperate to help him. His mom circled about in obvious distress. She didn’t want to leave her baby behind.


One rescuer laid on his stomach and reached into the pipe, but it was of no use. He couldn’t reach him. Next, they tried “pipes and insulation to push the cub towards the entrance.” Their tactic worked! The man pulled the cub out by his feet and held him against his body to warm him up. They needed to clean him up before returning him to Mama.


While Mama fox stayed close by as they rescued her baby, she was no longer confident that her cub would be returned to her. She must’ve thought the rescuers were going to keep him, and ran off. Once the cub was cleaned off, they put him inside a carrier and waited for Mama to return. Were they finally reunited? You’ll have to see for yourself in the video below!

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