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Baby Wolfdog As Big As A Hand Finds His Tiny But Mighty Howl

Steve and Paula, with the Apex Protection Project, took in a tiny Wolfdog puppy and named him Loki. The pup was rescued, along with his siblings, from a backyard breeder at three weeks old. They needed round-the-clock care to survive. The couple stepped up, happy to help.


The husband and wife team cared for Loki and his littermates 24/7. But they weren’t the only ones who pitched in! The pups had volunteers at the rescue center, and a Pit Bull and another Wolfdog named Taboo, at their beck and call. Taboo stepped in to be Loki’s surrogate mama. Her love was exactly what he needed!


Considering the large pack, Steve and Paula’s house has a constant ‘howl eruption.’ How do they manage to sleep?! Loki grew up fast! The hybrid, that’s 51% dog and 49% wolf, soon weighed 100 pounds! He’s the fluffiest giant love bug, that’s ‘fur’ sure!

His parents’ favorite trait is Loki’s purr. The noises sound like growls, but they’re far from it. As Steve puts it, “He growls at everything and everyone in the most loving way.” To experience the story and to see baby Loki blossom into a giant Wolfdog, check out the video below. His howls are the best!

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