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Foster Mom Doesn’t Want Pit Bull To Feel Like They’re Giving Her Away Again

Collyn met Ducky after her family dumped her. They couldn’t make a profit from breeding her due to medical issues and gave up on the poor pup. Lil Rascals Dog Rescue in Central Florida saved her from the shelter. The Pit Bull had skin infections and needed surgery on her eyelids. Thankfully Collyn wasn’t deterred and decided to foster the deserving dog.


When Ducky joined her foster family, Collyn was uncertain if she’d fit in with her other dogs. She became fast friends with their pup Mako, but Kona was a different story. She wasn’t keen on Ducky stealing the show. But there was good news for Ducky and Kona just around the corner!


A family came forward eager to adopt the pup. Collyn absolutely adores Ducky’s new mom. Although she’s happy for Ducky, she’s sad to see her go. Like so many fosters, Collyn doesn’t want Ducky to think she’s being given up on again. But without fosters, countless dogs would languish in shelters or be put to sleep before they have a chance.

We commend you, Collyn, and all your hard work! Please consider becoming a foster today. To see Ducky’s story, scroll on down!

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