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Woman Dares To Stick Hand In Cage Of ‘Attack Dog’ To Try To Bond With Her

A dog named Magnolia was deemed aggressive by the shelter. Whenever a worker tried to interact with her, she showed her teeth and growled. Her other behaviors, such as her stance and her attempts to bite through her kennel, became a serious issue. The shelter contacted Wolfmother K9 Rescue Services, which deals with aggressive dogs to try to rehabilitate them.


One of the rescue volunteers, Saharai, met Magnolia and was floored. This dog needed a serious intervention if she could get close enough to help. The kind woman understood that dogs like Magnolia have a deadline. If the pup didn’t calm down, she would be euthanized.


First, Saharai began with positive reinforcements. While wearing a glove, she gently opened Magnolia’s cage door slightly and gave her a treat. By slowly building Magnolia’s trust, she could transform the dog where Magnolia would qualify as adoptable.

Does Saharai succeed? To find out what happens in this incredible tale, click the video below. And remember, all shelter dogs, no matter their challenges, deserve loving homes.

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