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Shelter Dog Avoided Adoption Waiting For His Own Family To Show Up

A dog was left outside a shelter with his leash tied to the fence. While it was a sad sight to see, it’s not that uncommon. The shelter staff brought the pup inside and led him inside a kennel. He was afraid and out of sorts.


When scanned for a microchip, nothing came up, so the pup went up for adoption. Potential adoptees came to meet the dog, but he didn’t respond as the shelter workers hoped he would. They knew he was a sweet boy, despite his apprehension. But then something unexpected happened that explained why the pup couldn’t connect with others.

While scanning online through available shelter pets in the area, a family spotted a familiar face. Their dog was stolen from their yard, and they hadn’t seen him in quite some time. They were floored! Staring back at them, on the screen, was their beloved pup!


The family raced down to the shelter. When the dog saw them through his kennel door, he jumped up and down! He had been waiting for the perfect forever family and had one all along! To see the heartwarming reunion, scroll down! And remember to microchip your pets!

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