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Service Dog ‘Knucklehead’ Insists On Climbing Ladder To Get To His Dad

Aaron, a military veteran that suffers from PTSD, is understandably invested in his beloved service dog, named Knucklehead. The Pit Bull is glued to his side, bringing him the comfort he needs. Because the pair is always together, Knucklehead goes to work with his dad every day.


The Dog-Dad works in construction and has taken precautions to keep Knucklehead safe, but the dog insists on being as close to him as possible. One day the Pit Bull started to climb a ladder to get to his dad on the roof. Aaron yelled down to the dog to stop! Aaron climbed down and sectioned off the ladder.


To his dismay, Knucklehead figured out a way around it. And what’s even more shocking is that the dog is not keen on heights! The Pit Bull must have sensed that his dad was feeling out of sorts and made it his mission, despite the obstacles, to be at his side. Folks, we’ve never seen anything like this before! Get ready for a story that proves a dog’s love knows no boundaries!

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