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Penguin Chicks ‘Scream’ In Terror As Giant Bird Attacks And A Hero Saved The Day

Although penguins are cute, they are vulnerable to predators and face various dangers like any other animal.

Image/Story Source Credit: BBC via YouTube Video

In this delightful clip from BBC documentary Spy in the Snow’, we see a group of darling penguin chicks frolicking about in their clean, snowy home.

Their carefree day, on the other hand, is soon over as a huge petrel detects them and swoops in for the attack. The penguins are quaking with terror as they huddle together trying to protect themselves from the huge bird. It appears like a thriller when the animal approaches them aggressively. But thankfully, someone has noticed their suffering!

Image/Story Source Credit: BBC via YouTube Video

From afar, this unlikely hero has heard the penguin babies’ cries and rushes in to assist them. What follows is pure gold. We enjoy how fortunate the BBC team was while filming this incredible series of events. You must view the film yourself to fully appreciate this moment!

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