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Dog Embedded With Barbed Wire Survives In The Desert For 7 Months

When Hope For Paws received an emergency text message about a dog desperately in need of help in the California desert, they rushed to get to him right away.

He was an older Cocker Spaniel that a sweet soul was feeding for seven long months. But despite her providing him with food and every movement being painful for him because there was barbed wire embedded in his coat, he wouldn’t let her get near him.

Barbed Wire

It was a long drive to the desert from where they are based in LA, so Eldad decided to set up a trap and wait. He waited for six long hours, but the dog never emerged. But then he had an idea. Once it cooled off, he made a noise that would likely bring the frightened pup straight to the trap. 

He used two metal bowls to make the “clicking” sound that signals dinner is being served. A few minutes later, he showed up! The hungry pup followed the food trail Eldad had left and slowly made his way into the trap. 

It was then that Eldad saw that he had barbed wire embedded in his coat. He tried multiple times to remove it by himself. But he had to be extremely careful to both not injure him and also ensure that he wouldn’t be able to escape. Since he struggled so much to remove it by himself and he didn’t want to risk him getting loose, he waited until he drove back to Los Angeles to remove it safely with some help. 

Barbed Wire

Once they were out of the desert, and he had some help, the two of them were able to easily remove the barbed wire. Then, it took two hours to shave his extremely matted coat. After getting rid of all that excess fur and the pokey barbed wire, this snuggly, sweet boy was showing signs of feeling so much better. His tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

Thanks to Hope For Paws’ generous supporters, Eldad was able to get Falkor booked for cherry eye almost immediately. Now that he has been rescued and made his way to a loving foster home, he will never need to know hunger or have an extremely matted coat again!

Hope For Paws

Eldad decided to name this sweet boy Falkor after the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story. Why? Because he has the most beautiful eyes and ears, just like the Hollywood star from 1984. 

You can follow along with Falkor’s entire rescue story via the video below.

Featured Photo: YouTube

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