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Passersby Laughed At ‘Lion Dog’ And Took Photos, But Did Nothing To Help

When a dog named Hank was found, he looked like a lion. He was in such grave condition, yet people passed him by day after day and didn’t care to help him. People walked by, making fun of his appearance. Some even took photos while laughing! It was heartbreaking!


Hank’s rescuer noticed that he struggled to walk, using “the energy reserves” he had left to get around. The kind woman brought him food. While he ate, she tried to touch him, but he didn’t like it and bit her. It was obvious that his mistreatment by humans affected his behavior.


A dog catcher was called in, and he had difficulty interacting with Hank as well. He tried to get him into a cage gently, but it became a struggle. Luckily, the rescue was successful and Hank is safe, but his attitude towards humans hasn’t really changed. However, he is now on his way to recovery in his new foster home.

We are so relieved the “lion dog” is off the streets. And no one is laughing at him now. Thank you to the patient humans who still refuse to give up on the pup!

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