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7 Best Soft Dog Crates

Best Soft Dog Crates for Dogs

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Selecting the perfect home-away-from-home for your furry friend can be a daunting task, especially with the plethora of options available. But for those seeking a mix of comfort, portability, and security, soft dog crates stand out as a viable choice. These crates offer a safe and cozy space for your dog, whether you’re on a road trip or simply need a contained area for them at home. This article delves into the world of soft dog crates, exploring the best options on the market today, and offering insights to help you find the ideal one for your canine companion.

#1 – Amazon Basics 2-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel, Medium (21 x 21 x 30 Inches), Tan

The Amazon Basics 2-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel is a convenient and portable solution for pet owners who need to travel with their medium-sized dogs. It features two doors for easy access and ventilation through mesh windows on all sides. The crate is made of durable PVC and polyester materials, sets up quickly without the need for tools, and can be folded flat for easy storage and transport. Although it can also be used for cats or kittens, it is recommended to use only with crate-trained dogs.

#2 – EHEYCIGA 4-Door Collapsible Dog Crate for Medium Dogs, Foldable Soft Dog Crate with Mesh Windows, Indoor & Outdoor Travel Dog Crate with Soft Side

The EHEYCIGA 4-Door Collapsible Dog Crate is a portable and convenient option for dog owners. It comes in different sizes to accommodate small, medium, large, and extra large dogs. The crate is made from durable mesh material that is both scratch-resistant and breathable, and it features four doors that can be unzipped to allow your dog to come and go freely. The crate also includes locking zippers and a safety leash to keep your pet secure, as well as a portable and sturdy steel frame that can be easily carried by hand or on the shoulder. Additionally, the crate is easy to clean with a waterproof fabric that protects against dirt and can be removed for washing separately.

#3 – Love’s cabin 36in Portable Large Dog Bed – Pop Up Dog Kennel, Indoor Outdoor Crate for Pets, Portable Car Seat Kennel, Cat Bed Collection, Red

The Love’s Cabin 36in Portable Large Dog Bed is a versatile pet bed that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a mesh ventilation design on the front and side panels, providing good airflow for your pet. The bed is collapsible and portable, making it convenient for travel and storage. It also includes seatbelt straps to securely fix it in your vehicle. The product comes with a risk-free purchase guarantee, offering a refund or replacement for any issues.

#4 – Pettycare 36 Inch Collapsible Crate for Large Dogs, 4-Door Foldable Soft Kennel with Chew Proof Mesh Windows for Indoor & Outdoor Travel

The Pettycare 36 Inch Collapsible Crate is a soft and foldable kennel designed for large dogs. It features a strong steel tube frame that is lightweight and easy to fold and unfold. The crate has multiple mesh windows for breathability and sunlight, and it also includes side pockets for storing treats and other essentials. It is portable and comes with carrying handles and straps for easy transportation.

#5 – Lesure Collapsible Dog Crate – Portable Dog Travel Crate Kennel for Large Dog, 4-Door Pet Crate with Durable Mesh Windows, Indoor & Outdoor (Light Gray)

The Lesure Collapsible Dog Crate is a portable and space-saving dog kennel for large dogs. It features a foldable design that can be easily set up and folded down in seconds, making it convenient for traveling or when not in use. The crate is breathable and scratch-resistant, with four zippered doors and high-density mesh windows that provide excellent ventilation and visibility. It is also lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle and side pockets for storing essentials. The crate includes a built-in safety leash and is easy to clean with its waterproof PVC material and removable sherpa mattress.

#6 – 101mart Premium Soft-Sided Foldable Dog Crate for Home | Portable Travel Pet Kennel on The Go | Made from Durable Water-Resistant Canvas Fabric | Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use | Medium Size

The 101mart Premium Soft-Sided Foldable Dog Crate is a versatile and convenient option for pet owners. Made from durable water-resistant canvas fabric, this crate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed with portability in mind, setting up and folding down easily without the need for tools or assembly. The crate also prioritizes pet comfort, featuring a comfortable foam pad and adjustable air circulation through mesh screens. Cleaning the crate is simple, with a removable fleece pad that is machine washable.

#7 – Reerooh Large Cat Carrier 24″x17″x17″, Soft Dog Crate with 2 Bowls, Collapsible Travel Pet Carrier Bag for Cats Dogs Puppies Kittens (Blue)

The Reerooh Large Cat Carrier is a spacious and sturdy pet carrier designed for medium and large cats, as well as small dogs. Made with high-quality 600D polyester, it is durable and resistant to tearing, biting, and scratching. The carrier features multiple openings for easy access and ventilation, along with two safe straps for securing the carrier during travel. It is collapsible and portable, making it convenient for storage and long-distance car travel. The carrier also includes two collapsible travel bowls and a removable, washable pet pad.

What Should I Look for When Shopping for a Soft Dog Crate?

When shopping for a soft dog crate, several factors should be considered.

  1. Size: The size of the crate is crucial. It should be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. However, it shouldn’t be so big that they have too much space as this can make them feel insecure. If you have a puppy, consider its expected adult size or look for a crate that has dividers so it can grow with them.
  2. Material and Construction: Look for high-quality, durable materials that can withstand your dog’s activity level. The frame should be sturdy and robust, and the fabric should be tough enough to resist tearing. Also, the crate should be easy to clean, with removable and machine-washable covers.
  3. Portability: If you plan to use the crate for traveling, ensure it is lightweight and easy to fold down for transport. Some crates also come with carry handles or shoulder straps for easy mobility.
  4. Ventilation: Good airflow is essential for your dog’s comfort. Look for crates with mesh windows, which offer ventilation as well as visibility for your dog.
  5. Security: Your dog’s safety is paramount. The crate should have secure zippers and locks to prevent your pet from escaping. Some crates also offer features like reflective strips for visibility at night.
  6. Comfort: Consider crates that come with a soft mat or have a soft floor to keep your dog comfortable. If not, you’ll need to add your own bedding.

Remember, every dog is unique and what works for one may not work for another. Always consider your dog’s individual needs when selecting a crate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Dog Crates

  1. What is a soft dog crate? A soft dog crate is a portable, foldable enclosure for dogs, often made from a combination of fabric and mesh on a metal or plastic frame. They’re lightweight, easy to transport, and can provide a safe, comfortable place for your dog in different settings.
  2. Why should I choose a soft crate over a hard crate? Soft crates offer better portability due to their lightweight and foldable design. They also provide a more comfortable and inviting space for dogs, making them a great option for travel or for dogs that might feel anxious in harder, more confined crates.
  3. Are soft dog crates safe for my dog? Yes, soft dog crates are safe as long as they are used appropriately. They should be well-ventilated, appropriately sized for your dog, and securely fastened when in use. However, they’re not recommended for dogs that are prone to chewing or escaping.
  4. Can soft crates be used for crate training? Yes, but it depends on the dog. While some dogs respond well to crate training with a soft crate, others might chew through the material. For aggressive chewers or dogs with severe separation anxiety, a hard crate might be a safer choice.
  5. How do I clean a soft dog crate? Many soft crates come with a removable, machine-washable cover. For crates without removable covers, spot cleaning with a pet-safe cleaner is typically the best option. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations.
  6. Can a soft crate be used for airline travel? Generally, airlines require hard-sided crates for cargo travel. However, a soft crate might be acceptable for in-cabin travel if it fits under the seat. Always check with your specific airline for their pet travel regulations.
  7. What size of soft crate should I buy? The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. However, too much space can make a dog feel insecure. If your dog is still growing, consider a crate that can accommodate their expected adult size.
  8. How do I get my dog used to a soft crate? Gradual, positive reinforcement is key. Start by introducing your dog to the crate with the door open, encouraging them to enter voluntarily with treats and praise. Over time, close the door for short periods, gradually increasing the time as your dog becomes comfortable.
  9. Can my dog escape from a soft crate? A well-made soft crate should have secure zippers and fasteners to prevent escape. However, a determined dog, especially one who likes to chew, may be able to damage the crate and escape. Monitor your dog’s behavior in the crate to ensure it’s a safe space for them.
  10. Are soft crates good for long car trips? Yes, soft crates can be great for long car trips as they provide a secure, comfortable space for your dog. Be sure it’s well-ventilated and securely fastened in the vehicle. Remember to take regular breaks so your dog can stretch, hydrate, and relieve themselves.

Conclusion: Best Soft Dog Crates for Dogs

A soft dog crate is more than just a transport tool; it’s a safe haven for your pet in unfamiliar environments and a cozy retreat in your home. In choosing the best soft dog crate, considering your dog’s size, comfort, and safety is paramount. From the luxury, high-end options to the sturdy and reliable budget-friendly crates, there’s a perfect match out there for every dog and owner. As you factor in your specific needs, such as portability or extra padding, the options discussed in this article can serve as a comprehensive guide. Remember, your pet’s comfort and safety are the top priority, and the right soft crate can make all the difference in their overall well-being.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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