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Severely Matted Dogs Spend Two Years Chained To A Roof In Unbearable Heat

Two small dogs had been chained up on a roof, forced to endure the elements, for two long years. That was until a neighbor made a formal complaint to the environmental protection office of Mexico. It was shocking to see how severely matted they both had gotten.

But after a shower and shave, one pup was promptly adopted into a loving home, and the other was transformed from a sad senior into a fluffy teddy bear who loves to play.

Matted Fur

We can only imagine how it felt to be forced to endure being in that state for so long. But as soon as they were removed from the roof, both dogs were immediately shaved. It took four hours to cut away all that filthy, matted hair. Then, they were treated to much needed baths.

One of the dogs found a home almost immediately after arriving at the shelter, but his brother Terry stuck around for a while. The sweet senior was estimated to be about seven-years-old and went from completely shut down to lighting up like a Christmas tree. 

Dog with dad

He loved to cuddle, go for walks, and play for as long as possible. But once people saw that he was seven years old, they shied away from adopting him. West Coast Paws had him listed as available for almost seven months before they received a single adoption inquiry.

But the second Lee and Danny saw Terry’s sweet face, they were intrigued.

“There was just something about him that sort of touched my heart,” said Terry’s new mom, Lee.

Once they saw the footage of how he used to look next to his now fluffy face waiting in the shelter, he stole their hearts. The couple knew they could give him a great life to make up for his heartbreaking past. 


After the challenge of finding Terry a home had been conquered, they then needed to tackle the logistics of getting him to his new family in BC, Canada. Terry, along with three other dogs, were accompanied by two humans and flew all the way from Mexico City to Seattle. Terry was a tad nervous, but he was in the capable hands of an airline that transports dogs all the time. The flight was five hours long, with a total travel time around 10 hours. Thankfully, it went very smoothly.

Not long after the plane landed, Terry met his mom and dad, Lee and Danny, for the first time. It was amazing to see that there was an immediate connection between them. It didn’t take very long for the couple to experience Terry’s full personality, and they fell head over heels with their hilarious, happy boy!

See Terry’s remarkable transformation in the video below.

Featured Photo: YouTube

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