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Little Dog Ditched On Streets For Being ‘Useless’ Lives For Belly Rubs

An experienced rescuer named Prue came across a dog in terrible shape. She was used for breeding and then dumped when she was no longer useful. The dog, later named Tina, was skinny and scared. Her coat was a mess! She continued to run away from Prue until she tangled herself in some branches. This allowed Prue to put a leash around her neck and carefully drag her to safety.


Jullie stepped up to foster Tina, and Prue knew from the start that Jullie would never let her go. It only took a short time for the little dog to trust Jullie. Tina quickly understood that this is what life should be about. She was given a ton of affection, and soon belly rubs became her favorite! Life finally made sense!


Tina would have never survived on her own. It’s heartbreaking to think anyone could be as cruel as her former owner. That’s why it’s so important to adopt and not shop! Welcome to your new world, Miss Tina. We are thrilled you found your forever home!

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