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Stray Stared Into Storm Drain Daily, Men Pried It Open And Were ‘Awestruck’

A stray dog living on the streets spent his days obsessively looking into a storm drain. One woman named Annie saw the dog a few blocks away from the storm drain when she exited the butcher shop. The dog stood before her with sad eyes.


Annie approached the pup, and his stomach was growling loudly. She went back into the butcher and got him some food. The pup eagerly took the food and then carried it off. The next day, Annie returned and the dog remembered her. He greeted her with his tail wagging. Before Annie left, she bought the pup some sausages and once again he carried them off. This time Annie decided to follow him.


The dog led her a few blocks over to the storm drain. He took a piece of the sausage and dropped it into the drain. Annie was so confused! For the next few days, Annie, armed with more meat, went to see the stray and he was still lying next to the storm drain. He continued to drop some of his food into the drain. Annie had to know why!


The woman looked inside the drain and gasped! She called the fire department straight away. The firemen arrived and were floored by what they saw too. They had to pry the drain cover open immediately. You won’t believe what was inside! This pup is amazing and so is the full story! To find out what, or who, the dog was watching over and feeding, check out the video below.

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