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Mama Dog Digs Alongside Rescuer To Get To Her Buried Puppies

Rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited heard a dog crying loudly. One man went to investigate and saw a pup, who had recently given birth, standing on top of a collapsed building. She cried to the man, pleading for help. Her puppies must be stuck beneath the debris!


The man stepped down and followed her lead as she ran to a specific spot. He threw rocks to the side as she wedged her nose into the ground and dug with her paws. The rescuer then picked up the building’s remnants and threw those out of the way. He and the pup were their own rescue team, and they weren’t stopping until those babies were safe!


Mama was relentless! Even when the man stepped in to remove large pieces of rock and debris, Mama tried to push him aside. She needed her babies back with her! Her astute smell, dedication, and powerful paws were their best weapons.

This rescue will have you on the edge of your seat! Will Mom and her babes be reunited? This story is too awesome to miss! This video is proof that a mother’s love is more powerful than anything!

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