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Patrolman Ditched Shoes And Socks To Save Dog Hidden In Deep, Dark Tunnel

When a family’s small Terrier escaped from home, she was chased down a river embankment by a larger dog. The dog was taken by the current that swept her deep into a canal. A passerby tried to coax the dog out, but every time the dog tried to swim to the side, the current took her further. She soon became stuck inside the culvert.


That’s when Patrolman Joseph Brazil showed up! The witness explained what happened to the dog. The brave officer didn’t hesitate! He removed his shoes and socks and then stepped into the cold water. He waded through the water towards the trapped Terrier, who was pushed 40 feet into the tunnel. Poor baby!


The small dog was soaking wet and shaking and, of course, frightened. Brazil picked her up, wrapped her in a towel, and put her inside his vehicle. He brought her to the local shelter to scan for a chip. She was reunited with her family that evening! Thank you for saving this precious pup, Patrolman Brazil. We are forever grateful!

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