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55 Awesome Dog Names That Start with “P” (+ Meanings)

Selecting the perfect name for your dog is an important task for any new pet parent. It sets the tone for your relationship and communicates your dog’s unique personality. Names beginning with “P” provide a plethora of choices, from traditional options to more unique ones, and everything in between. Whether you prefer human names, names inspired by nature, or those that reflect your pet’s characteristics, this list has something for everyone. Join us as we explore 55 awesome dog names that start with “P”, each one accompanied by its meaning to assist you in your search.

55 Creative Dog Names with Start with the Letter “P” (+ their meaning)

  1. Pablo – Of Spanish origin, it means “small” or “humble”.
  2. Peanut – An adorable name for a small dog, inspired by the tiny but nutritious legume.
  3. Pearl – Precious and shiny like the gemstone, perfect for a white or cream-colored dog.
  4. Pepper – Ideal for a spicy, lively pet or a dog with a peppered coat.
  5. Pegasus – Named after the mythical winged horse from Greek mythology, great for an energetic or large dog.
  6. Phoenix – The mythical bird that rises from its ashes, symbolizing renewal and resurrection.
  7. Pip – In Old English, it means “lover of horses”. Also a cute name for a small, energetic dog.
  8. Pippin – A character from “The Lord of the Rings”, perfect for a courageous, adventurous dog.
  9. Pixel – Ideal for a dog owned by a technology or photography enthusiast.
  10. Polly – From the Greek word ‘polus’, meaning ‘many’ or ‘much’.
  11. Poppy – A vibrant, colorful flower that symbolizes sleep and peace.
  12. Princess – Perfect for your regal, beloved pet.
  13. Prince – A great name for a male dog that holds a royal status in your household.
  14. Puck – Inspired by the mischievous fairy from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
  15. Pumpkin – An affectionate name suitable for an orange or round dog.
  16. Pax – In Latin, it means “peace”.
  17. Panda – Great for a dog with black and white fur, like a panda bear.
  18. Pegasus – Inspired by the mythical winged horse, suitable for a graceful, strong dog.
  19. Percy – Short for Percival, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  20. Picasso – After the famous Spanish painter, perfect for an artistic or unique dog.
  21. Pluto – Named after the Roman god of the underworld and also Mickey Mouse’s pet dog.
  22. Porter – An English occupational name for a gatekeeper, suitable for a guard dog.
  23. Poseidon – The Greek god of the sea, great for a water-loving dog.
  24. Potter – Inspired by Harry Potter, the protagonist of J.K. Rowling’s magical series.
  25. Paisley – A colorful, ornamental textile pattern, great for a dog with a colorful personality.
  26. Pesto – A perfect name for an Italian breed, or a dog with a greenish coat.
  27. Petal – As delicate and lovely as a flower petal, great for a gentle and sweet dog.
  28. Piccolo – A small flute, a fitting name for a small breed or a music-loving owner’s dog.
  29. Pioneer – Ideal for a trailblazing, adventurous dog.
  30. Pippa – Of English origin, meaning “lover of horses”.
  31. Poet – Perfect for a dog with a soulful, thoughtful demeanor.
  32. Polo – After the classic game, great for a sporty, energetic dog.
  33. Pongo – The Dalmatian dad from Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”.
  34. Popcorn – A fun name for a fluffy, white dog, or a movie lover’s pet.
  35. Primrose – A beautiful, delicate flower, great for a pretty and dainty dog.
  36. Promise – An expression of a commitment or assurance, great for a loyal, dependable dog.
  37. Proton – Inspired by atomic physics, ideal for a pet parent who’s a science enthusiast.
  38. Pudding – A sweet and soft dessert, suitable for a sweet-natured, cuddly dog.
  39. Puma – After the large, powerful cat, ideal for a sleek, athletic dog.
  40. Pyro – Derived from Greek, meaning fire, suitable for a fiery, spirited dog.
  41. Peony – A large, often fragrant flower, perfect for a dog that brings beauty and joy.
  42. Presley – After the famous musician Elvis Presley, great for a music-loving dog owner.
  43. Pistachio – A unique name for a dog with a coat color similar to this nut.
  44. Prudence – From Latin, meaning cautiousness or discretion, suitable for a well-behaved, cautious dog.
  45. Pryce – Of Welsh origin, meaning son of Rhys, great for a precious pet.
  46. Pippin – From the famous Broadway musical, or for Lord of the Rings fans.
  47. Paco – Of Spanish origin, a short form of Francisco, meaning “free”.
  48. Pandora – In Greek mythology, she was the first human woman created by the gods.
  49. Pumpernickel – A type of bread, a fun name for a brown-colored dog.
  50. Patina – The sheen on the surface of wood or metal, great for a dog with a shiny coat.
  51. Piccadilly – A famous traffic junction in London, a unique name for an English breed.
  52. Potion – Suitable for a dog that has a magical effect on you.
  53. Pilgrim – Ideal for a dog that has journeyed a long way to be with you.
  54. Pippa – An English name, meaning “lover of horses”.
  55. Praline – A confection made from nuts and sugar syrup, perfect for a sweet and delightful dog.

Choosing the perfect name for your beloved canine companion is an adventure that, much like the process of raising a puppy, is filled with excitement, anticipation, and love. We hope this list of 55 awesome dog names beginning with “P” has sparked some ideas and helps you find the name that’s just right for your dog. After all, the best dog name is the one that captures your heart, just as your pet has done. Enjoy the journey of naming your furry friend and the many joyful moments you will share together.

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