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55 Awesome Dog Names That Start with “L” (+ Meanings)

Naming your new canine companion is an exciting step in your journey together. The perfect name can showcase your dog’s unique personality, signify a personal memory, or reflect something or someone you love. It’s also a chance to be creative and have fun. If you’re particularly interested in names that start with “L”, you’ve landed in the right place. The letter “L” exudes a soft, lyrical quality, and offers a rich array of options, from traditional to contemporary. In this article, we’ve curated a list of 55 awesome dog names beginning with “L”, complete with their meanings to help inspire your choice.

55 Creative Dog Names with Start with the Letter “L” (+ their meaning)

  1. Luna – Latin for “moon,” a fitting name for a dog with a soft, gentle nature.
  2. Lucky – Perfect for a dog who has brought good fortune into your life.
  3. Leo – Latin for “lion,” suitable for a brave, regal dog.
  4. Lola – A Spanish name meaning “sorrow,” but often associated with lively, fun-loving dogs.
  5. Lucas – A name of Greek origin meaning “light,” great for a dog that brightens up your life.
  6. Levi – A Hebrew name meaning “joined in harmony,” perfect for a dog that has bonded well with your family.
  7. Lily – After the beautiful flower, suitable for a delicate, beautiful dog.
  8. Lancer – A medieval soldier who fought with a lance, suitable for a brave, protective dog.
  9. Laddie – A Scottish term for a young boy, great for a young, lively dog.
  10. Loki – A name from Norse mythology, perfect for a mischievous dog.
  11. Lance – A weapon used by knights, fitting for a courageous, noble dog.
  12. Lyric – A great name for a dog who enjoys howling along to music.
  13. London – After the famous city, perfect for an urban or sophisticated dog.
  14. Largo – A musical term for a slow tempo, suitable for a relaxed, easygoing dog.
  15. Lemon – A sweet name for a dog with a yellow coat or a zesty personality.
  16. Legend – For a dog whose personality or stories are larger than life.
  17. Lavender – A beautiful purple plant known for its calming scent, perfect for a calm, soothing dog.
  18. Liberace – After the famous pianist, suitable for a dog with a flamboyant or extravagant character.
  19. Leopard – Great for a dog with a spotted coat or a stealthy nature.
  20. Lynx – A type of wild cat, fitting for a dog with a wild spirit.
  21. Lock – Perfect for a protective dog that keeps your home safe.
  22. Lovelace – After Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, suitable for a smart dog.
  23. Lyra – A constellation, perfect for a dog who loves being outside at night.
  24. Lamb – A cute name for a gentle and sweet-natured dog.
  25. Latte – Perfect for a coffee lover’s dog or a dog with a creamy coat.
  26. Lettuce – A cute, playful name for a dog who enjoys their veggies.
  27. Limerick – After the type of poem, great for a dog who brings rhythm and fun into your life.
  28. Lantern – A source of light, perfect for a dog who guides you in life.
  29. Logan – A Scottish name meaning “little hollow,” suitable for a small, cozy dog.
  30. Lollipop – A sweet treat, great for a dog with a sweet disposition.
  31. Lancer – A medieval soldier who uses a lance, perfect for a brave, protective dog.
  32. Lasso – A tool used by cowboys, great for a dog with a wild, adventurous spirit.
  33. Lolly – A shortened form of lollipop, perfect for a sweet-natured dog.
  34. Licorice – A type of candy, suitable for a black-coated dog.
  35. Lark – A type of bird known for its song, perfect for a musical or vocal dog.
  36. Leaf – An ideal name for a nature-loving dog.
  37. Lotus – A beautiful and symbolic flower in many cultures, great for a serene, graceful dog.
  38. Limo – Short for limousine, suitable for a long-bodied dog like a Dachshund.
  39. Lucky – Ideal for a dog who’s brought good fortune into your life.
  40. Lace – A delicate fabric, perfect for a petite or refined dog.
  41. Loyal – A wonderful name for a dog known for its unwavering loyalty.
  42. Larimar – A rare blue stone found in the Caribbean, great for a dog with a unique coat or personality.
  43. Lunar – Relating to the moon, a beautiful name for a nighttime-loving dog.
  44. Lava – Hot molten rock, a fiery name for a dog with a strong, passionate character.
  45. Lullaby – A soothing song, ideal for a calming, gentle dog.
  46. Lego – After the popular toy, perfect for a playful, creative dog.
  47. Laser – A device that emits light, a striking name for a dog with a sharp focus.
  48. Lynx – A wild cat known for its sharp eyesight, ideal for a watchful dog.
  49. Ladybug – A small, charming insect, a cute name for a small, charming dog.
  50. Lux – Latin for “light,” suitable for a dog who brings light into your life.
  51. Labyrinth – A complex maze, a unique name for a dog with an intricate personality.
  52. Liberty – Freedom, a great name for a dog who loves wide open spaces.
  53. Lancelot – A knight from Arthurian legend, perfect for a brave, noble dog.
  54. Lagoon – A body of water separated from a larger sea, suitable for a dog who loves to swim.
  55. Limelight – The center of attention, a fitting name for a dog who loves to be the star of the show.

As we wrap up this list of dog names that start with “L”, we hope that you’ve found a name that speaks to your heart. These names offer a wide range of meanings and origins, catering to various personalities and preferences. Whether your dog is a Luna, a Loyal, or a Lancer, their name is a celebration of who they are. Ultimately, choosing a name for your furry friend is a personal decision that reflects your bond with them. A name is more than just a label; it’s a word that represents a living, breathing individual that shares their life with you. It’s the first of many gifts you’ll give to your beloved canine companion, so choose with love and enjoy the journey.

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