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Tiny White Blobs Caked In Filth Were Living Beneath A Bus

Love Of All Dogs Rescue received a call when someone spotted a mom and her puppies living beneath a bus in Puerto Rico. The rescuers arrived and tended to the puppies straight away. The little ones were shaking and covered in dirt. The mama dog stayed close by, warning the volunteers with little growls. While they were able to take the puppies with them, Mama wasn’t cooperating. They had to come back for her.


When night fell, rescuers Nilsa and Nydia returned to the bus to rescue Mom. They were successful! The family was reunited, but Mom wanted nothing to do with humans. She cowered when they came near. Nydia named the mama dog Snow White. Despite her fear and discomfort in her new surroundings, Snow White was still an amazing mom.


The rescue group made plans to fly the dogs to New York to transition into a foster home. The dogs would remain together until they were adopted. Sadly, however, things took a turn for Snow White. Will Mama and her pups find their happily ever after? Watch the video below to find out!

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