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The 5 Biggest Myths About Bullmastiffs

Having shared my life with Bullmastiffs for many years, I have encountered numerous misconceptions about this majestic breed. As with any breed, it’s essential to separate the myths from reality to understand them better and provide the best care. In this blog post, I aim to debunk the five biggest myths about Bullmastiffs, providing insights based on personal experience and expert knowledge.

Myth 1: Bullmastiffs are Aggressive

A common myth about many large dog breeds, including Bullmastiffs, is that they’re inherently aggressive. This myth likely stems from their history as guard dogs. However, while Bullmastiffs are protective and brave, they are also known for being docile and gentle with their families. Aggression is not a breed trait; instead, it usually stems from poor socialization or training. With proper care and handling, Bullmastiffs are calm, loving, and extremely loyal pets.

Myth 2: Bullmastiffs are Lazy

Bullmastiffs are often labeled as lazy due to their calm and laid-back nature. While it’s true they’re not as hyperactive as some breeds, labelling them as lazy is a misinterpretation of their temperament. They are more than capable of rigorous activities and require daily exercise to keep them healthy and prevent obesity. However, they are also just as happy to have snuggle on the couch with their humans.

Myth 3: Bullmastiffs Drool Excessively

While Bullmastiffs, like many large breeds with loose, floppy lips, are prone to drooling, it doesn’t mean they’re constantly producing puddles of slobber. Many factors, like heat, excitement, and hunger, can increase drooling. However, not all Bullmastiffs drool excessively. The degree of drooling can vary significantly from dog to dog.

Myth 4: Bullmastiffs are Difficult to Train

Bullmastiffs are intelligent dogs and capable learners. However, their somewhat stubborn and independent nature can sometimes pose a challenge during training. The key to successful training is consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience. Rather than being ‘difficult’ to train, Bullmastiffs require an owner who understands their unique character and can tailor training methods to suit them.

Myth 5: Bullmastiffs are Unhealthy Dogs

Bullmastiffs, like any breed, are prone to certain health conditions – including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and certain types of cancer. However, it’s a myth to label them as ‘unhealthy dogs’. Many Bullmastiffs live long, healthy lives when provided with appropriate veterinary care, a balanced diet, and adequate exercise. Responsible breeding can also reduce the risk of genetic diseases.

In conclusion, Bullmastiffs are not aggressive, drooling, lazy, hard to train, or generally unhealthy dogs, as some myths might suggest. In fact, they are loyal, protective, and gentle dogs that make wonderful family pets when properly cared for and understood. Yes, they can be a little stubborn at times, and their size can make them a bit of a handful. But with proper training, socialization, and a lot of love, a Bullmastiff can become the most wonderful companion.

Remember, every dog deserves to be understood and loved for who they are, beyond the myths and misconceptions. A Bullmastiff, with its protective nature, soft heart, and a little bit of slobber, could be the perfect addition to your family. So let’s leave the myths behind and appreciate Bullmastiffs for the incredible dogs they truly are.

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