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Puppy Let Out ‘High-Pitched’ Barks In Lady’s Yard As He Hid Behind Trash Can

Diane was sitting at home when she heard a “high-pitched bark” in her yard. She investigated and saw a scared puppy hiding behind her garbage can. She tried to lure him in with some canned dog food, but he was too afraid to approach.


After seeing the pup shake and back himself against the wall, Diane knew she had to devise another plan. She went into the house, grabbed a crate, and used that, along with a shovel, to trap him inside. Don’t worry, folks! She was gentle!

Once the puppy was inside her home, he was placed in the bathroom so he wouldn’t get too overwhelmed. Diane stayed with him to calm him down. As she puts it, “He was terrified.” The puppy let out tiny grumbles; it was obvious he had never been around humans before. Diane understood his apprehension but then added, “You came to me.”


Diane brought the puppy to the vet the next day. They gave him sedation to neuter him. Once they left the vet’s office, the pooch was still out of it, so Diane was able to hold him for the first time. This moment is too heartwarming to miss!

To see the puppy’s rescue and what follows, click play on the video below. We are so happy the pup sought help — and found the perfect person for the job!

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