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55 Awesome Dog Names That Start with “E” (+ Meanings)

The moment of naming your new canine companion is a memorable one. This is not just a moniker, but an emblem of your dog’s unique personality and the bond that you’ll share over many heartwarming years. If you’re captivated by the letter “E”, you’ll find that it carries an elegance and softness that’s perfectly suited for a name. To make your quest for the perfect pet name a bit easier, we’ve curated a list of 55 outstanding dog names that begin with “E”, each accompanied by its unique meaning.

55 Creative Dog Names Start with the Letter “E” (+ their meaning)

  1. Echo: Greek, means “sound reflected from a solid surface.”
  2. Eddie: English, short for Edward, means “rich guard.”
  3. Elsa: Hebrew, means “God is bountiful.”
  4. Emerald: English, named after the green precious stone.
  5. Elmo: Italian, means “worthy to be loved.”
  6. Elvis: Scandinavian, means “all wise.”
  7. Estrella: Spanish, means “star.”
  8. Eclair: French, named after the sweet pastry.
  9. Espresso: Italian, a strong coffee—perfect for a strong, energetic dog.
  10. Ebony: English, named after the dark, dense wood.
  11. Everest: Named after the highest mountain in the world.
  12. Eden: Hebrew, means “place of pleasure.”
  13. Ember: English, named after the glowing piece of coal or wood in a dying fire.
  14. Eureka: Greek, an expression used to celebrate a discovery.
  15. Eagle: English, after the large, powerful bird.
  16. Excalibur: Latin, the legendary sword of King Arthur.
  17. Elixir: Arabic, means “a magical or medicinal potion.”
  18. Einstein: Named after the renowned physicist Albert Einstein.
  19. Eggnog: English, named after the creamy, sweet beverage.
  20. Eloise: French, means “healthy” or “wide.”
  21. Enzo: Italian, means “ruler of the house.”
  22. Elton: English, means “Ella’s town.”
  23. Earl: English, a British nobleman ranking above a viscount and below a marquess.
  24. Esmeralda: Spanish, means “emerald.”
  25. Eiffel: Named after the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  26. Euphoria: Greek, means “a state of intense happiness and self-confidence.”
  27. Epic: English, meaning “grand” or “heroic.”
  28. Egret: French, named after the graceful white bird.
  29. Endeavor: English, signifies “an attempt to achieve a goal.”
  30. Elara: Greek, one of Zeus’s lovers and a moon of Jupiter.
  31. Empress: English, a female sovereign or the wife of an emperor.
  32. Evergreen: English, plants that stay green all year round.
  33. Ezra: Hebrew, means “help.”
  34. Elixir: Arabic, means “a magical or medicinal potion.”
  35. Echo: Greek, means “reflected sound.”
  36. Element: Latin, signifies “a part or aspect of something.”
  37. Easton: English, means “east-facing place.”
  38. Eclaire: French, means “flash of lightning.”
  39. Elfin: English, means “relating to elves.”
  40. Evian: Named after the famous brand of mineral water.
  41. Emmett: Hebrew, means “truth.”
  42. Ernie: English, means “serious” or “resolute.”
  43. Eon: Greek, an indefinitely long period of time.
  44. Explorer: English, signifies “one who explores a new area.”
  45. Eggo: English, named after the popular brand of frozen waffles.
  46. Emoji: Japanese, small digital images used to express an idea or emotion.
  47. Elvira: Spanish, means “truth.”
  48. Ellington: English, means “Ellis’s town.”
  49. Eros: Greek, the god of love.
  50. Equinox: Latin, the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator.
  51. Espresso: Italian, a type of coffee.
  52. Errol: English, means “to wander.”
  53. Eccentric: English, describes something unconventional and slightly strange.
  54. Epiphany: Greek, a moment of sudden revelation.
  55. Encore: French, an additional performance demanded by an audience.

The journey of naming your dog is an enjoyable preamble to the wonderful experiences you’ll share. It’s an honor bestowed on your furry friend that tells a story of their unique character and the affection you hold for them. Names beginning with “E” offer a diverse selection, from those drawn from nature, cultures around the globe, to those inspired by famous personalities. Remember, the ideal name for your pet is one that captures your heart and reflects the distinctive connection between you both. Here’s hoping this list of 55 ‘E’ names inspires you to find a name that matches your new companion’s charm and spirit.

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