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Man Stops Traffic For Motionless Dog, Names Him ‘Miracle’ Once He Touches Him

A man and his friends spotted a motionless pup lying in the middle of the highway. Cars and motorcycles whizzed past, but that did not deter the heroic man. He walked across the road in the midst of traffic and held up his hands, urging people to stop. The man figured the dog had passed away and wanted to give him a proper burial. But once the man touched the dog, he knew he was mistaken!


While the pup was in grave condition, he was still alive! The kind man picked him up and carried him to his car. He then rushed him to the vet. The pup laid on the exam table with little life left. However, there was still hope, and no one was giving up on the precious dog.


With time, treatment, and the right nutrition, the dog began to recover. His tail wags created excitement amongst his new human friends! They gave him his first dog bed and the pup couldn’t be happier. His rescuers aptly named him ‘Miracle.’ To see his rescue and happily ever after, check out the video below.

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