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Malamute And Duck Inseparable After Tragedy Are Spreading Love Everywhere

In the tiny town of Strout, Minnesota, an unlikely pair of best friends has stolen the hearts of the town’s 25 residents. Max the Malamute lost his dog mate Sasha causing him to spiral into depression. His family, the Rileys, brought home some baby ducklings to cheer him up.


One duckling named Quackers was also struggling because his siblings didn’t make it. Their loneliness is what sparked a bond no one expected. Max could sense that Quackers was in turmoil and spent countless hours outside his cage. The little duck could sense Max’s devotion and became attached as well.


Now the duo are like two peas in a pod. They do everything together! Eat together, explore the neighborhood together, and sleep together. Passersby will take Quacker and Max’s photos on their adventures and send them to the Rileys. These photos are adorable! For the 25-person town, the pair is famous, and thankfully their story is now reaching folks worldwide. Aren’t these two precious?! Check out the full story below!

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